Jandee Stud is proud of our cattle which are renowned for their exceptional temperament, fertility and milk production.

We run a small herd, so there is a limited number of our quality Bulls available each year.

Buyers are advised to act quickly.

Ox Hill Kracker

Polled, light red brahman

Calved 2014

Sire: Wandarri 5324/32 (H)

Dam: Wandarri Miss 4938/92 (H)

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Jandee Maharaja

Polled, light red brahman

Calved 2016

Sire: Wandarri Sunlight 5704 (PS)

Dam: Jandee Isolde 73 (PS)

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Roseborough L Travis

Polled, red brahman

Calved 2008

Sire: Kandoona Berrigan 5688 (H)

Dam: Roseborough L Thalia 77/2 (AI) (P)

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Just a few of the Sires past and present

Granada Cicero

Apis Ck Brace

Cherokee El Compo

Amazon Red Eagle de Manso

Brahmleigh Red Brave

Tyagarah War Chief

Wandarri Abraham

Toprain Hill Degas

Burnside Trustee

Wandarri 1489

Wandarri 1881

Tyagarah Micuel

Tre-Ker Long Bow (by Cherokee Running Deer)

Wandarri Quantum

Wandarri Vernon (by Cherokee Silver – 3 times ABBA Sire of the Year)

Wandarri Equity (by Condor Hills Kenrick)

Roseborough L Travis

Ox Hill Kracker (by Wandarri 5324/32)

Wandarri Maharajah