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Jandee was established and run in conjunction with Fred Delroy’s Wandarri Stud in Boonah, Queensland, until Fred's death in 2019.

Continuing the family tradition of all things Brahman is our goal. Concentrating on Australian bloodlines, Jandee is passionate about maintaining the quality of the Brahman breed in Australia not only for their outstanding depth and muscle but also their hardiness. The combination of river flats, forest and rich scrub soil has proven ideal for producing exceptional stud cattle.


Why breed Brahmans?

Simple economics for a start:

  •  Running more per acre is far more profitable than slightly higher

        (sometimes) weights

  •  Hardiness

  •  Tick resistance saves a fortune in time and money

  •  Ease of handling . Running another business means time is at a premium.

        Nobody has time for touchy cattle.

Brahmans are good for the soul!


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